Grandma’s Minestrone


Autumn is making its entry in this part of the hemisphere. While the tree leaves are turning red and it gets chilly and crisp at night, our bodies too need to slowly adapt to the change of season. There is nothing better to help this transition that a little help from the king of comfort food: the Minestrone-a classic italian vegetable soup.

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Lake District, Van, Pancakes


We are camping-addicts, and Camilla has been camping her whole life, summer and winter, mountain, cities and seaside, but the weekend camping in the Lake District has been a memorable experience:

It was not “Glamping”, there was no Yurta or bonfire, but it was so unique as we were sleeping, eating, cooking, and hanging out in this beautiful old timer, a Mercedes 508, which is currently home of our talented Belgian friends Gijs and Marijke.

Gijs is an artist (here his instagram and facebook page), surfer and free spirit, and Marijke a photographer, videomaker, cook and multitalented happy soul. They decided to start this trip to re-discover the world at a slower pace, living life in a simpler way and more connected to nature. When their trip brought them to the UK it was the perfect opportunity for Cami and Peter to meet up and spend couple of days discovering this magnificent park, hiking and sleeping in the middle of nowhere!

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Yoga-aperò and launching yogifoodies!


Barcelona is the city where the three of us met, become friends, flatmates, and incuQIna was born. This city has given us so much energy and inputs that somehow, even if we left, we are still so profoundly connected to it and its inhabitants.


Our friend Alessa, from HND now resident barcelonina, is an amazing Yoga teacher (on Zulunayoga), happy soul and our partner in crime. Two years ago we organized a beautiful two day retreat of Yoga and Nutrition, and now we are plotting together a number of other Yogifoodies adventures!

The first of this new set of events will be this Sunday, 21st of August 2016 in Barcelona itself! Those one of you following us on Facebook and Instagram must know about this already, but still we want to share this exciting news here too.

We’ll gather in a rooftop terrace in the hearth of the Barrio Gotic at sunset and kick off with a fluid, energizing & restoring sunset vinyasa yoga practice (1.5hr) guided by Alessa at sunset (19:30). Following, we’ll share a delicious, sesonal & healthy aperitif prepared with lots of love by incuQIna.

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 tofu (2 of 3)

While walking around in a new shop to do some last minute groceries on her way home, Cami couldn’t find the tofu. She asked to a shopping assistant if they had any, and he replied “of course” and brought her to the aisle of the pet food. The misunderstanding was obviously related to her not-really-british pronunciation, but it funnily coincide with the fact that most Western palates are not crazy about it, considering its consistency mushy and its taste basically absent.

Today we want to share you a recipe tested on carnivore friends, a non-tofu-friendly crowd, that ended up fighting for the last skewer.

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A story of polpette


Today we want to tell you a story set in London about family recipes for Polpette (meatballs) and the joys of cooking. A story about how we love to cook everywhere.

It’s an evening of a bizarre and cold May when Anna decides to catch a flight to London and see Camilla: they haven’t seen each other since Christmas. Camilla is waiting for Anna at the tube station with her shiny yellow bicycle and her big smile. After a strong hug the two friends start walking admits a river of chatters, walking past a funfair and a cream-painted house surrounded by ramp-plants and  guarded by a strangely big cat.

As local uses dictate, they spend a quite strenuous Friday night at the pub. Consequently Saturday morning starts slow and lazy, while the city watches astonished the rapid passage of clouds. But the two friends decide to prepare together what will be a great dinner with friends. So after a little menu brainstorming and many coffees, they leave for one of their usual grocery shopping tour in the neighborhood. People are nice, produces are fresh and Anna and Camilla realise how everyday gestures and words are so familiar here as they were in Barcelona and in many other places.

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The berry best dessert


We love finishing off dinners with friends with the sweet touch of a nice dessert. This is how, even if the recipe might sound trivial, we can’t help sharing with you one of the easiest and yummiest desserts ever, a perfect combination of sweet  and sour.

You’d better hurry up until you are still on time to find fresh berries at the greengrocer’s. Now that you are there, get also a nice bunch of fresh mint  or better a small plant, always useful in case of a Mojito emergency. On your way back home, don’t forget to buy some fresh double cream that you can quickly whip yourself (we said easy-not fake dessert! avoid the spray whipped cream, please!).

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Oh la salad!


Today we want to share with you a small twist to one of the culinary spring classics: eggs and asparagus. Albeit their original version is surely delicious (sunny side up and boiled asparagus) we decided for a change to add a layer of fresh and green lamb lettuce, decorate with some thin coloured radish slices and season with some good olive oil and lemon juice.

We are also going to share some wisdom from Anna (our nutritionist) on the why this dish has a special nutritional value and does you good. What else? A soundtrack maybe? Well, we can provide that too! So pump up the music and, if you like, while eggs and asparagus are boiling find out something more about these four gorgeous ingredients.

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Snack Art


Today’s post is about a gluttony we indulged on to gain some strength and block that hunger that surprised us during a beautiful but intense session of cooking and taking pictures. If you follow us on instagram or facebook, you might know that last Saturday we had a mini incuQIna reunion in London and enjoyed a day together cooking and testing recipes for the blog that we then shared at dinner with some friend.

And as often happens with good ideas, the best recipes are surprisingly simple.

Take couple of slices of bread, and toast it in the oven for couple of minutes until golden. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt, drizzle with some good extra virgin olive oil and finish of with some classy decadence adding some thin slices of quality dark chocolate.

Close your eyes, give a good bite. Enjoy the crunch of the bread, the moist and intense taste of the oil, be surprised by the chocolate, softened a little by the warm bread, and the delicate contrast to the delicate salt. What does it make you think about?

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High five, buckwheat!

buckwheat_asparagus_salad (1 of 1)

We all know the importance of a complete and healthy diet to be fit and feel well and healthy. So how can we find out if the dish we are cooking is well balanced?

Besides mixing together ingredients with different colours, another way to verify if we are doing well is to make sure that none of the main flavours is missing. According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, each of the five main flavours (i.e. sweet, hot (spicy), salty, sour and bitter) has an action on specific organs (respectively Spleen, Lung, Kidney, Liver and Heart) and must then be present in each dish in different proportions according to the effect we want to achieve. In other words, a moderate flavour reinforces the organ to which it is directed, while an excessive/ unbalanced flavour can damage it (e.g. a bowl of rice, of sweet flavour, reinforces Spleen; a chocolate croissant, too sweet, damages it).

Anyways no panic: you do not have to necessarily be a TCM freak to apply this theory, and Camilla is just proving it by spontaneously creating this wonderful dish, simply driven by her culinary instinct and following the produce of the season.

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Simple Scones for a lazy weekend morning

  20160220-_DSC0098 As you might have already noticed, we love breakfast. Not only because of its obvious beneficial effects (as our nutritionist Anna already explained here), but also because breakfast food is just the best. While during the week we often stick to a muesli+yogurt or porridge routine, we like to get creative during weekends. Nothing to complicated, nothing too fancy, in under 30’ you can whip up something comforting, that puts a smile on a lazy late morning, helps you recover from a long night drinking and dancing, or that boosts your stamina for an energetic active day out of work!

This easy, quick, heartwarming scones recipe is from our friend Julie. Something in between biscuit-like pastry and a quick bread, they pop out of your oven warm and fragrant, ready to be cut in half and to welcome some orange marmalade and, if you feel decadent, a bit of butter. A fruit juice and a coffee on the side, and here you have a perfect Saturday breakfast. Enjoy your week end.

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