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Behind incuQIna

Behind incuQIna there are three friends: Anna, Camilla and Francesca

incuQIna is not a misspelling of the italian expression “in cucina” (in the kitchen). This word plays with the fact that the QI, energy in chinese, is pronounced exactly like the sillabe “ci” of cucina. It perfectly fits in this beautiful italian word, heart of homes and our favorite meeting point, and it introduces our way to present our dishes. In each recipe you will find a simple dietary esteem based on chinese traditional medicine besides detailed instructions and some tips, photos, and seldom a video. Moreover, incuQIna stands for INspirationCUcine QI NAture (see below!). us_bn (1 of 1)

The idea of incuQIna was born almost by chance and as a joke, chattering on a sidewalk after some glasses of wine under a smiling moon. We were at the corner between Torrent del’Olla and some unprecised alley of Gracia, on a saturday night of a warm fall, and we were saying goodbye after another get together in our beloved Barcelona, city in which we met five years ago. We were promising to see each other soon.

It will be a way for us to share our passion for cooking, writing and researching, for traditional chinese medicine and its wisdom. It will be a thin thread that will bind us together once our paths will again part, a  hut for ideas and exchange of opinions. It will be a reason to test and play with recipes, to invite friends and family over to share lunches, dinners, brunches or breakfasts. A reason to discover new restaurants and bars, to go on the hunt for new ingredients. It will be a place to share what we value, and our vision about food, and feeding.

We strongly believe in the power of food and its importance, and feeding someone is for us a necessary sign of love and care (also towards ourselves!). We live in a busy era in which everything and everyone needs to be fast and efficient, but we think this is not a good enough reason to eat badly, quickly,

IncuQIna will be simple and straight to the point, as Camilla wants, functional, as Fra desires, graceful, as Anna dreams.


The connection between food and soul is deep. Food has the power to instantly bring us back in time, to past moments of our lives. It reveals hidden memories and projects us in far away places that we have or maybe haven’t visited yet.

When we eat, we don’t only provide our body with the energy it needs, but we add taste to our days. In each of our recipes or blog posts you will find bits and pieces of books, movies, friends’ quotes, music, art. Things we accidentally bump into, walking around, travelling, surfing the net, that inspire us in the kitchen.

We have the hope that these other sources of inspiration-together with good food-can make a boring working day a little bit happier and lighter. IN-spiration is the food for our soul.


This is the space dedicated to the kitchen of the others. To those restaurants, wineries, bars, ice-cream shops, bakeries where we ended up having a bite, a drink, a chat. Those places that reassured us, cheered us up and we loved.

You will find the contact details and the dishes we tried and liked.


“QI” is one of the central concepts in the history of Chinese thinking, and it assumed multiple meanings.It is usually translated with “life energy”, and according to some authors can be resembled to the sanskrit prana or the greek pneuma.

Its hideogram is composed by a rice grain, at the bottom, from which vapor clouds rise. This image evokes movement-flow; from food and earth (YIN) to vapor and sky (YANG).From different formes of DAI QI (“macrocosmus energy”) both the earth and the sky originated. The Man, in between earth and sky, has intrinsically both manifestations of the DAI QI.

According to chinese medicine, the QI represents together with SHEN (the soul) and the JING (ancestral energy) one of the three treasures the mankind owns. Food and beverages (YONG QI, nutritional energy) and air (ZONG QI, breathing energy) sustain and renew the QI in the posterior sky, that is after birth.


In our kitchen we do our best to follow the rhythm of nature, varying the ingredients according on the season and place we are. Here we collect some advices on how to be fully aware of what we eat, and how to try to be eco-friendly. We’ll focus on seasonal foods and their properties, discovering new ingredients and re-discovering those old ones that we are losing due to the standardization of food industry