Morning ritual #3: let’s have breakfast!


With this third (and last) ritual we bring some color and vitality to our mornings, because there is no better way to start your day than with a good breakfastAfter a good hydration and some movement, we can now relax a bit and enjoy what should be the most important meal of our day, which too often we forget or skip with important consequences on our mood and our body.

Fueling up with sugar and complex carbohydrates in the morning is a smart way to lift the levels of insulin and promote the circadian rhythm of cortisol, a hormone produced by the surrenal glands that has a natural peak around 8-9 am. In periods in which we are particularly stressed, have a messy routine and skip breakfast, this cycle is lost as stress increases the activity of our surrenal glands. These will start to produce cortisol continuously with consequences on the regulation of all hormones and that, in the long term, will lead to increase of body fat.

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Morning ritual # 2: The Five Tibetan rites

20150609-2015-06-09 18.19.59Now that the ritual #1 has been consolidated in our morning routine,  and we are all enjoying its benefits, we are ready to proceed to the next step to fight morning moodiness and fatigue.

You will need:

  • some free space;
  • a mat;
  • a little bit of patience.

Yes: this second step to boost to your mornings requires a small physical effort. The “Five Tibetans rites” are five simple exercises of the ancient Tibetan tradition that move the energy of all the chakras providing an immediate feeling of warmth and giving strength. The chakras (or “vortices”) are the seven energy centers of our body, electric fields centred on endocrine glands that rotate at high speed when the body is healthy and in good harmony.

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Springtime Morning Rituals. Let’s start with Water and Lemon


And here it is, spring has finally arrived! After this, grey long winter, with foggy or cold and dark days, please welcome its majesty, the season of love.

Last year we welcome spring following a wonderful detox program, perfect to purify the body and to reinforce the spirit. This year we want to celebrate it sharing with you our series of ultra-tested morning rituals that will make your mornings shine and your days bright.

As we know, despite the better weather and the mildest temperatures, in these days we can often feel a little bit more tired, especially early in the morning, and sometimes in a inexplicable bad mood. We are going to show you how to face this seasonal change in a very easy way, as easy as a one, two three! Because three are the simple morning steps that will make you wave good-bye to those signs of fatigue and get the best out of what spring has to offer.

And most of all, we wish this season will be generous with all of you!

Ritual #1: Lemon water

The first step is as easy as drinking a glass of water…with lemon!

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Happy second birthday, incuQIna!

20160225-_DSC0110Suddenly, a couple of days ago, it hit us: February 25th was round the corner, it would have been exactly two years since our first post and we had not decided yet on which cake putting the candles on? What kind of food-bloggers are we?

Fortunately in these cases our Camilla (aka Sora Lella) always has something sweet hidden up her sleeves: chocolate mousse. Even just pronouncing this name has a powerful calming effect, chocolate mousse, a culinary mantra. This version is incredibly good, and chocolate-y. Inspired by the recipe of the talented Rachel Khoo, is the perfect dessert to surprise your guests after a dinner. Not so quick to prepare, but definitely worth cleaning all those bowls! 

Cleared up the tension that celebrations bring, and now that this delicious dessert lays on the table, we can take a deep breath, slightly close our eyes and blow out the candles.

The second year of incuQIna has flown away, just like that, in one breath, light as the wind yet dense and sometimes hard. This is the paradox of time: the quicker and the lighter it flows, the more dense of events and “things”. Speed and density in our lives are directly proportional and if now we are reasonably tired, at the same time we feel an enormous sense of gratitude for everything that happened to us during this weird year.

We update you shortly.

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From Russia with Blinis

buckwheat (5 of 5)

After almost two years of incuQIna we think you know us enough to understand  that, despite of our Italian origins, we love to bring to the table also flavours from all over the world. And so today our Anna brings you to the far away Russia. She has many friends coming from this great and wonderful land, and over the years she developed a proper obsession for buckwheat (find out why here!).

And here you go: Blini. Some kind of crepes-pancakes made with buckwheat flour, traditionally prepared at the end of winter for the week of Maslenitsa (the eight week before the Ortodox Easter). We served them with their classic filling: Smoked salmon, Chives and fresh cheese.
As it happens for crepes, also your first blini will look a bit ugly (but always good). So don’t worry, keep them aside (eat them!) a    nd keep up with the production! Once they cooled down, you can fill them, roll them, cut them as if they were small ‘makis’ and serve them as a rich, unusual entree. Just the way we like it!

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Beauty rituals: millet porridge


Today we want to share with you yet another version of our favorite breakfast: porridge! We started with a warming winter version, with oat and walnuts. We then tasted it in its springtime version, with buckwheat and dried apricots, and here we go with an autumn twist. This recipe is especially dedicated to give us new energy and, yes, make us look better. We choose this colorful combinations of ingredients for a proper morning beauty routine. Now more then ever we have forgotten about that summer glowing, we need to eat well and take special  care of ourself. Don’t worry if you feel a bit blue in these times: it’s normal. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine this is the season associated to Sadness, but we should try to avoid being so melancholic. Yes, but how?

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Tonight ginger pumpkin cream

DSC_9646 logo

Halloween is coming and we want to celebrate it with a lovely pumpkin and ginger soup, one of our favorite autumn recipes and a big old classic of this golden season.

If you have already tried it, you will certainly know this is a very simple dish and real comfort food. What you probably don’t know it is that it makes lots of sense also for the Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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DSC_2762 logoToday incuQIna is going to surprise you with an incredible dish: Shakshouka!

Francesca tasted it some of weeks ago at an international dinner with her lab mates. Karen, a friend of her from Israel cooked this speciality of her country that immediately caught the attention (and forks) of all the guests. Since then it enter as a protagonist of  Fra’s week time home-cooked meals. It is the ultimate comfort food,  that works perfectly either for a dinner alone or with a bunch of friends! And the best is that you can prepare the sauce beforehand and freeze it, so here you go: super fast dinner coming your way! 

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Love yang linguine

DSC_0672 copy

Today it’s about pasta, in-between seasons and love.

This new, delicious recipe fits perfectly these first days of autumn, like a junction between the heat of summer and the cold of winter. Why you say? The answer lies in the choice of a balanced mix of ingredients. First, we have the summer feeling from fresh cherry tomatoes, basil and wheat pasta, the latter being the cereal of the heart and the sun. Then, we encounter the stronger tastes of cappers and anchovies, both warm in energy and tonifying yang, thus indicated for colder times.

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PINK passion soup

IMG_5941 logo

You may have distractedly seen around some pink stands lately and probably passed them by without thinking too much, but this initiative is really worth taking a moment of your time and some of your thoughts.

October is the breast cancer awareness month, the world-wide campaign that encourages an early detection plan to fight the second leading cause of death among women. 

The post of today is dedicated then to all women, and it’s meant to be a reminder of this important initiative and of how eating well is a key factor for our health and the health of the people we love. Early diagnosis and detection of the diseases is crucial, but let’s also remember that prevention is a much deeper and wider concept that involves all the aspects of our life and, obviously stars from the what and how we eat. This is why our personal way to support this initiative and spread the voice is to share with you a recipe created by Francesca. She got some extra radishes from the market and had the brilliant idea to make a soup with them. A vegan pink soup is what came out from this experiment. It looks like strawberry yogurt, but is warm and tastes totally different providing a kind of dissociated feeling between sight and taste. Try it with some hot croutons and fresh olive oil and you will be surprised! Our wish for all our incuQIna friends is to be always aware, not only in October, and to enjoy.

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