DSC_2762 logoToday incuQIna is going to surprise you with an incredible dish: Shakshouka!

Francesca tasted it some of weeks ago at an international dinner with her lab mates. Karen, a friend of her from Israel cooked this speciality of her country that immediately caught the attention (and forks) of all the guests. Since then it enter as a protagonist of  Fra’s week time home-cooked meals. It is the ultimate comfort food,  that works perfectly either for a dinner alone or with a bunch of friends! And the best is that you can prepare the sauce beforehand and freeze it, so here you go: super fast dinner coming your way! 

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Love yang linguine

DSC_0672 copy

Today it’s about pasta, in-between seasons and love.

This new, delicious recipe fits perfectly these first days of autumn, like a junction between the heat of summer and the cold of winter. Why you say? The answer lies in the choice of a balanced mix of ingredients. First, we have the summer feeling from fresh cherry tomatoes, basil and wheat pasta, the latter being the cereal of the heart and the sun. Then, we encounter the stronger tastes of cappers and anchovies, both warm in energy and tonifying yang, thus indicated for colder times.

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PINK passion soup

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You may have distractedly seen around some pink stands lately and probably passed them by without thinking too much, but this initiative is really worth taking a moment of your time and some of your thoughts.

October is the breast cancer awareness month, the world-wide campaign that encourages an early detection plan to fight the second leading cause of death among women. 

The post of today is dedicated then to all women, and it’s meant to be a reminder of this important initiative and of how eating well is a key factor for our health and the health of the people we love. Early diagnosis and detection of the diseases is crucial, but let’s also remember that prevention is a much deeper and wider concept that involves all the aspects of our life and, obviously stars from the what and how we eat. This is why our personal way to support this initiative and spread the voice is to share with you a recipe created by Francesca. She got some extra radishes from the market and had the brilliant idea to make a soup with them. A vegan pink soup is what came out from this experiment. It looks like strawberry yogurt, but is warm and tastes totally different providing a kind of dissociated feeling between sight and taste. Try it with some hot croutons and fresh olive oil and you will be surprised! Our wish for all our incuQIna friends is to be always aware, not only in October, and to enjoy.

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Morning glory (Dudes’ granola)

2015-09-11 11.28.46You thought we forgot about you, boys, but how could we do such a thing?  

Here you find a “secret” granola recipe especially created for you and your breakfast (but obviously perfect for girls too) that will give an extra boost to your wake-ups. So enjoy then the extra energy that comes by the right combination of ingredients that we pick for you.

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Blossoming zucchini flowers

_DSC0021Yuhuuu! We are back! How are you doing? Did you miss us? Because we did miss you and our beloved incuQIna during this long summer break.

We are here to wave goodbye to the hot sunny days so we thought that nothing better than this colorful dish with zucchini blossoms could “fit the bill”.

In order not to hide but enhance the taste of these delicacies, we choose to prepare them with a mild filling of ricotta cheese and a bit of parmesan, which adds some salty notes, and we simply laid them over ripe cherry tomatoes (probably the last of the season). We know you are all curious to try this starter, but let’s first spend a few words on ricotta.

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California snapshots-4

The last bit of 5 weeks spent between sun and fog, ocean, incredible natural parks, great food and wine…

Monday, 20th of July20150720-2015-07-20 17.18.33  A superhero having some funky ice cream at Smitten 

Tuesday, 21st of July

20150721-2015-07-21 22.26.45 Corner Burgers

Wednesday, 22nd of July20150722-2015-07-22 18.12.30 Road trippin’ in California: we arrived in Yosemite! 

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Too hot? easy: panzanella!


IncuQIna reads your mind
We know you are not going to turn on the oven (or the fire) during these hot days of summer and neither do we! If you literally feel like you are melting and do not want the temperature of your house to increase of one single degree, this is the recipe for you!

Let’s prepare together a yummy and refreshing speciality from central Italy, perfect for lunch, either at home either for your lunchbox. Just get some old stale bread, not so difficult to be found in the cupboards of the kitchen, let it soak in water to soften it up and prepare a light dressing with fresh onions and tomatoes.

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California Snapshots-3

Friday, 10th of July

20150711-2015-07-11 01.36.08Goodnight

Saturday, 11th of July

2015-07-11 14.12.06Like a boss

Sunday, 12th od July

20150712-2015-07-12 14.55.03-1 Street food

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Summerish veggie burgers


When food is fashion.

There is no doubt that to talk, write and blog about food is nowadays really fashionable. And no wonder if some dishes become way more “hip” than others. Surely you must have noticed how in the last couple of years restaurants specialized in serving burgers popped up like mushrooms after the rain in the forest. Nicely prepared with homemade bread, first quality meat original toppings, the burgers moved from being a low level fast-food dish to a gourmet treat.

And because we like fashion but we also love to re-interpret and re-invent it, today we share with you our own recipe of SUMMER VEGGIE BURGERS! Perfect for summer because full of seasonal vegetables, suitable for vegans, this versatile recipe is perfect for a lunch with friends, a barbecue on the terrace or just a quite evening staying in and watching a movie, like we did.

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