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Behind incuQIna there are Anna, Camilla and Francesca. Read to know a little bit more about them!


Biologist/nutritionist. Curious by nature, passionate about music and books, expert in dietetics according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, she promotes health and wellness from a holistic point of view.

Originally from Este, a charming village at the foot of the Euganean Hills, Anna graduates in Evolutionary Biology at the University of Padua. After a brief period wanna_bioorking in the world of clinical research, in 2008 she moves to Barcelona with the project Leonardo to work for a few months at the Center for Genomic Regulation. Here she meets Camilla and Francesca and they immediately become friends. Anna falls in love instantly with the Catalan city, with its warmth and all it has to offer (concerts, art, sea, tapas and beers). In 2009 she decided to leave for good the lab and its microscopes, flies and worms to devote herself to a discipline that fits her better and implies a direct contact with people. In 2012 she gets a Master’s degree in “Human Nutrition and Dietetics” at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. Leaving the beloved sea behind, she moves between the beautiful mountains of South Tyrol to start a still ongoing collaboration as nutritionist in the medical center of a famous spa in Merano. Meanwhile she works as a freelance in other practices of northern Italy and will soon accomplish a three-year course in dietetics energy according to traditional Chinese medicine with the Tao School of Bologna.

A lover of nature, sports and outdoor life, Anna believes that the path to health needs to be inclusive of all aspects of life and walk through a conscious individualized approach to food. For this reason she finds in the holistic eastern world a great source of inspiration and a powerful way to help people find their wellbeing. She likes to play with food and recipes, looking for new combinations that are good and healthy-maybe a little bizarre at times-but always tasty and enhancing the therapeutic properties of the dishes. With the desire to share all this and still expand her horizons, in 2014 together with her friends Francesca and Camilla initiates the project incuQIna.


Biologist and scientist with a social and artistic soul, inside her it’s hidden an italian nonna who cooks to bring together and comfort friends and family.

In 2008 Camilla leaves her beloved Rome, where she grew up, and he moved to Barcelona to start a PhD in Molecular Biology. She immediately feels at home in the beautiful Catalan city, cami_biomanaging to perfectly combine her favorite hobbies and laboratory life. She starts to explore bars, restaurants and markets in the city, looking for new flavors and curious about different food cultures and ways of eating. She exports traditional Italian cuisine among her friends and international colleagues. Thanks to them and to many trips and travels around the world she learns new ways of cooking and new recipes from different corners of our blue planet. Camilla strongly believes in the power of good food as a mean to achieve health and well-being, and thinks that sharing a meal is an essential and powerful social act. If it is true that we are what we eat, it is also true that sitting around a table full of food prepared with love makes us feel more relaxed and closer to each other.

She meets Anna and Francesca during the first months in Barcelona and it immediately becomes clear that she has found two perfect companions for culinary experiments, foodie raids and travels. In 2013 she startes her first web project, In 2014 she gets her PhD. Meanwhile, along with Anna and Francesca decides to give form and substance to their projects and their dreams, beginning a new adventure that starts with a web platform ( and extends to all tables and homes that have welcomed their culinary experiments. She is currently in a transit phase, undertaking a journey to explore her roots back and the native countries of those who she has dear.


Scientist and photographer, official incuQIna kneader and source of great pearls of wisdom, that kind of woman they just don’t make anymore. 

Francesca was born in Lanciano but feels a citizen of the world and therefore has lived in many different countries. Among all, those who have had a special role in her lifefra (2 of 1) certainly are Bologna and Trieste, Cork (Ireland), Paris (France) and the much-loved Barcelona, ​​where she lived for more than six years and in 2013 completed a Ph.D. in Biomedicine at the Center for Genomic regulation. Right now Francesca is in the US, in Boston to be exact, to complete a research project on neurodegenerative diseases. Biologist by profession then, but cook for passion, Francesca owes part of her deep love of cooking to her family, that since childhood initiated her to this art and passion, a feature common to all people from Abruzzo. From her mum she learns how to make homemade pasta, and from Dad how to play with different tastes and create new recipes. At seventeen, by chance or maybe destiny, she started working as a waitress in a very famous restaurant in her hometown. This was not really just a job but also a real learning process, thanks to the experience and teachings of Davide. Crossing the door of the kitchen seem to Francesca like she was becoming the queen of an enchanted kingdom. Since then she has continued to prepare lunches and dinners to find in the eyes of her guests that special joy that only good food can give.

Never forgetting her scientific training, Francesca loves to experiment in the kitchen and to develop the perfect recipes, always expanding her culinary horizons and using new ingredients. This is why she attended courses of Japanese cuisine with Manel Guirado (, Arab cuisine with Mounia Koubi and a baking course with Xavi Montanyès (http: / / – Montanyès /). Together with Camilla and Anna (las cuqinas) began this important project, which is offering her the way to undertake new culinary experiments.