Tupper-it 1.2 and a chickpeas salad with moroccan bread

For all the people who are struggling everyday with the tupper-mission, here you’ll find another week of tasty ideas for your lunch-boxes, straight from Boston and Francesca’s kitchen!

Since it’s pretty cold in this part of the world, I am still cooking “winterish” dishes to keep warm.  Yet, the recipe from the tupper I am sharing this week is a fresh salad, a small bite of the approaching spring and a silent wish for the sunny days to arrive soon.

But let’s first have a look at this week tupper ideas:

  • cereals and legumes soup;
  • chickpeas salad with homemade msemen (Moroccan bread);
  • curry lentil soup;
  • cous cous with vegetables;
  • honey dressed salmon with baked potatoes.

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Happy fish (en papillote)

Are you short of inspiration and tired of eating the same things over and over? Don’t you worry because here we are
with an easy recipe for you. And yes, cooking a whole fish is actually very easy and quick!

We know that is commonly thought that is more complicated and more lengthy to cook fish than meat, but we can promise you that this is absolutely not true!What takes longer, for sure, it’s to slow the pace down and stroll to the nearest fishmonger.

To prove our point, we kept this recipe very minimalistic. All you need is some baking paper, extra virgin olive oil and salt. We added then some fresh onions as suggested by our nutritionist Anna, as they have a diuretic action which is very useful in springtime (more about it in this post).

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A postcard from London

Last weekend I flew to London to see Camilla, anticipating of a few day  her birthday celebrations. This mini reunion of the european side of incuQIna has been a fantastic occasion to update each other on life development, have some fun and enjoy delicious food around London, and cuddle a bit the little Tommi D, smiley little lion who proudly sits up by himself with a rascal grim.

I want to share with you a small summary of our weekend adventures, with many details on our gastronomical wanderings.

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It’s cold. Let’s make an orange cake


As many other places around Europe, London has seen in these days an unusual snowfall and temperature drop. While my Mediterranean self is longing for warmer springtime days, I also find that every place covered in white snow, gets incredibly charming. In the past months that I have been in maternity leave I have been walking A LOT around my neighbourhood and in the parks, and I decided to not give up on my daily walk neither under the snow storm. Needless to say, when I got home all I want was to have cake and tea. Tommi seemed to be napping well, so I put myself to bake.


photo @ohbulu

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Introducing Tupper-it and delicious omelettes burritos


Among many novelties here in incuQIna, we present you a new post format that we came up with while discussing how to survive the hustle and bustle of the “modern life”.

Nowadays most of us have very busy routines and spend many hours at work and outside of our homes. This doesn’t mean that we have to either give up on eating good, tasty and healthy food or to spend a fortune for it. These posts are for all of you that need/want to bring lunch at work. We’ll give you ideas for simple, yet delicious recipes and we hope to give you some inspiration for lunches that can be easily  “tuppered”.

Our homemade lunch queen Francesca will be sharing with you a lunch meal planner: what a week of her lunchboxes looks like, with one detailed recipe. If you want to know  how to prepare any other recipe of the tupper-it just ask it in the comments or via email and we will post it for you! 

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A classic, winter pasta


And after what feels way too long we are finally back with a new recipe and we couldn’t think of a better comeback than with a dish so close to our roots like pasta.

We don’t want to hopelessly fall in the usual “pasta-pizza-mandolino” italian chlichè, but we cannot deny that a bowl of with piping hot pasta is maybe the best comfort food for these cold days filled with intense work.

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Back from Rome


There is no doubt, we feel 2018 has started under a lucky star. We feel like we can promise you this, and actually demonstrate it because-after a long and justified absence incuQIna is back! There are many news, dear friends, and life is as always beautifully unpredictable.

We take the chance to share with you some of the pictures from our Roman Holidays from the beginning of January. For the first time after over a year the three of us were all together again…well to be precise three plus one! In fact our incuQIna tribe welcomed Tommi D, the new baby of  Camilla!

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Grandma’s Minestrone


Autumn is making its entry in this part of the hemisphere. While the tree leaves are turning red and it gets chilly and crisp at night, our bodies too need to slowly adapt to the change of season. There is nothing better to help this transition that a little help from the king of comfort food: the Minestrone-a classic italian vegetable soup.

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Lake District, Van, Pancakes


We are camping-addicts, and Camilla has been camping her whole life, summer and winter, mountain, cities and seaside, but the weekend camping in the Lake District has been a memorable experience:

It was not “Glamping”, there was no Yurta or bonfire, but it was so unique as we were sleeping, eating, cooking, and hanging out in this beautiful old timer, a Mercedes 508, which is currently home of our talented Belgian friends Gijs and Marijke.

Gijs is an artist (here his instagram and facebook page), surfer and free spirit, and Marijke a photographer, videomaker, cook and multitalented happy soul. They decided to start this trip to re-discover the world at a slower pace, living life in a simpler way and more connected to nature. When their trip brought them to the UK it was the perfect opportunity for Cami and Peter to meet up and spend couple of days discovering this magnificent park, hiking and sleeping in the middle of nowhere!

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Yoga-aperò and launching yogifoodies!


Barcelona is the city where the three of us met, become friends, flatmates, and incuQIna was born. This city has given us so much energy and inputs that somehow, even if we left, we are still so profoundly connected to it and its inhabitants.


Our friend Alessa, from HND now resident barcelonina, is an amazing Yoga teacher (on Zulunayoga), happy soul and our partner in crime. Two years ago we organized a beautiful two day retreat of Yoga and Nutrition, and now we are plotting together a number of other Yogifoodies adventures!

The first of this new set of events will be this Sunday, 21st of August 2016 in Barcelona itself! Those one of you following us on Facebook and Instagram must know about this already, but still we want to share this exciting news here too.

We’ll gather in a rooftop terrace in the hearth of the Barrio Gotic at sunset and kick off with a fluid, energizing & restoring sunset vinyasa yoga practice (1.5hr) guided by Alessa at sunset (19:30). Following, we’ll share a delicious, sesonal & healthy aperitif prepared with lots of love by incuQIna.

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