Spring time

Spring is finally coming with all its powerful and regenerating energy. Little by little we start to shake off the winter laziness, stretch ourselves and get ready to jump into the season of new beginnings, as the word itself suggests (spring= leap/jump). While nature rises again and the colours get brighter, we also feel we’d better make a move and we most probably champ at the bit to make some changes.

According to the theory of the 5 Movements, this is the Wood season (i.e. the Yang in the Yin), associated with the zang-fu Liver and Gall Bladder and the emotion of Anger. Liver is the organ that makes the Qi (energy) flowing gently through our body and it is also in charge of storing up Blood and nourishing muscles and tendons. Its ideogram is a shield well-planted in the ground that defends us. Therefore it can be also imagined as the General officer that provides us the capability to take decisions and look further, most probably making us dreaming more vividly at night. A healthy Liver helps to plan our future and to adopt good strategies in order to get what we aim at and to go where we want to.

That is the reason why detox cures are recommended and work better in spring-time.  So let’s go ahead with green leafy vegetables (e.g. spinach, artichokes, chards, rucola,…), celery, asparagus and algae! Sprouts are very helpful too and don’t forget cereals like buckwheat and rice, better together with green pulses (mung beans, peas and fava beans). In general all food with a neutral-fresh energy and bitter flavor work well. Watch out with heavy and greasy products such as cheese and red meat that enhance Dampness and Heat. Use some soy sauce, yogurt or fresh lemon juice as dressing and say goodbye to old grey days and welcome to green spring!

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