Ok, we admit this dish doesn’t look so appealing but trust us- it works perfectly if you want to detox a bit. Why? Because the Fire that easily arises from food (or drink) intoxication can be well purified by the cooling action of mung beans (especially on Heart, Stomach and Liver). Plus their strong diuretic function helps to drain Dampness often created by messy diets, excess of alcohol/ fatty or sweet food. The combination with whole grain rice makes this dish complete under the aminoacidic profile and also assures a good tonification of the digestive system and the QI. Don’t forget to add soy sauce, essential to give a pinch of salty flavour and strengthen the detoxing effect. Have it with raw or steamed vegetables and enjoy! 😉

Serves 4 –Super Easy– Prep time: 1 hour (plus beans soaking time)


You will need:

  • 300 g whole grain rice;
  • 250 g mung beans;
  • 2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil;
  • 2 tbsp of soy sauce (shoyu);

How to:

  1. Soak the mung beans at least for 4 hours (better overnight).
  2. Boil them until tender, then drain;
  3. wash the rise, then cook it for 40 minutes in boiling water until tender, then drain;
  4. warm up a pan with olive oil, add the rice and the beans, mix them and let cook for 5 minutes;
  5. add soy souce and serve.

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