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Today it is smoothies day- Italian style! Fashionable, colourful and here we show you how they can be useful too! Hangovered? Bored? Pretending to be fit and trendy? Follow this 3 step cleansing cure and get an extra boost of energy. As for the preparation…just blend everything together, but do it finely! veggies are tougher than fruits!

Phase 1: soak up

You will need:

  • Banana;
  • coconut milk;
  • ice cubes.


Nice start, sweet and thick, it gives you a comfortable feeling of fulfilment. Bananas are cold in energy and can help fighting dryness of Large Intestine and Stomach burning. Here their thirst-quenching effect is empowered by coconut milk, which has also a strong capability to produce fluids and detox (also useful in case of intestinal parasites).

Phase 2: cleanse

You will need:

  • Celery;
  • spinach;
  • green apple;
  • lemon;
  • mint;
  • ice cubes.


Let’s go with the green’n’sour to clean up a bit! Starting from celery – the best for a “naughty Liver”- that can purify its excess of Fire, move up the Qi in case of stasis and at the same time nourishes the Blood. Following up with spinaches, loyal companions in purifying Heat and nourishing Fluids and Blood. The sour taste of green apples and lemon reinforces the direction of this drink on the Liver while the final touch of mint moves everything up and can help us get rid of headache.

Phase 3: refill

You will need:

  • Beetroot;
  • carrots;
  • strawberries;
  • cinnamon;
  • ice cubes.


Ending with beetroots and carrots which are neutral in energy and sweet in flavour and bring us back to the Center and tone up the QI. The gentle taste of strawberries give a final detoxing action to this drink while cinnamon reminds us that Balance is the key. It warms up this overall refreshing cure and tonify the Yang, that can be easily damaged by so much raw food.


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