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When we walk through the greengrocer’s and we happen to see asparaguses on the shelves, then we know spring has definitely arrived. No wonder why! These vegetables, which are the tender buds of asparagus plant, belong to the lily family– the same of romantic tulips, but also of onions and garlic. According to TCM, asparaguses have a warm energy directed mainly to Kidney and Liver, combining together both a strong diuretic and detoxifying action, perfect in this season. In the recipe a touch of lime, the sweet and oriental version of lemon, is able to purify Fire and prawns add a Yang energy again orientated to Kidney. Watch out with cayenne peppers, a tiny bit just to move up the flavor, and garlic, good to help digestion in small amounts. That’s it, a nice simple recipe to enjoy heart-warming fettuccine in the season of love.

Serves 2 –Easy– Prep time: 30 minutes+30′ to make the pasta 

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You will need:

for the fettuccine:

  • 2 eggs;
  • 100 g plain flour;
  • 100 g Semola (if you don’t have it, just replace it with plain flour but your pasta will be less strong);
  • pinch of salt.

How to:

  1. Place the flour on a surface (better wooden), make a hole (like a volcano) and break the eggs in the middle;
  2. start beating the eggs with a fork, then continue working with your hands;
  3. knead the dough for about 5 to 10 minutes: the movement is like “stretching” the dough, keeping it with one hand and pulling with the palm of the other; roll then the dough back to the start, and stretch again. It is quite hard at the beginning, the dough will look “broken” and dry, but it will become softer and elastic as you knead it, and will stop sticking to your hands. If needed you can add a little bit of cold water
  4. let the dough rest for about 30 minutes;
  5. start rolling and stretching the dough with a rolling pin and a pasta maker until it gets really thin;
  6. if you are using the pasta maker, just use the roll to cut the fettuccine;
  7. if you were using a rolling pin, spread some flour over your thin pasta layer, then roll the dough over itslef and cut thin stripes.


for the sauce:

  • 10 prawns;
  • 12-14 asparagi;
  • one lime;
  • 2 cloves of garlic;
  • 3-4 cayenne pepper;
  • two tbs of extra virgin olive oil.

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How to:

  1. Clean the prawns. Keep the heads and the flesh (the meaty part of the tails-the edible one);
  2. warm up the olive oil in a pan;
  3. peel the garlic cloves, add them to the pan together with the cayenne pepper. Let it cook for a minute being careful to not burn them;
  4. remove the first woody white part of the asparagus, then cut it into 0.5 cm slices, keeping the tips intact;
  5. put the cut asparagus in the pan, and let cook for about couple of minutes;
  6. add the heads of the prawns, press them a bit to let some liquid come out;
  7. add the juice of the lime and keep cooking for couple of more minutes. If it becomes too dry, add a little bit of hot water;
  8. remove the heads of the prawns from the pan and add the meaty tails;
  9. pour the fettuccine in boiling water, add 2 tbs of salt and let cook for 2-3 minutes. keep a glass of cooking water;
  10. drain the pasta, and pass it in the pan to make it get better the taste of the sauce. If you notice the pasta too dry, add the glass of water in the pan with the fettuccine and the sauce and let cook until it is all evaporated;
  11. serve warm. Possibly drink one (or more) cold glass of white wine along with it!

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