You can tell it by the sweet scent you smell in the air, summer is here.

The most self-indulgent moment of the year finally pops up while flowers are brightly turning into fruits, sun shines high and you feel the nights closer to your skin.

According to wu-xing theory, the maximum of Yang is about to be reached. This is the season of joy and actually it couldn’t be otherwise.

The related zang-fu are Heart (the Emperor of the body) and Small Intestine (which divides pure substances from impure ones). Its natural element is Fire and the taste connected to this movement is bitter.

From the TCM point of view, what we’d better do now is obviously to avoid foods that are too hot in energy and try to have more of those that purify Heat and Fire instead, making sure to protect Liquids which can be easily damaged by high temperatures.

For these reasons we suggest you to be gentle with spices having more aromatic herbs instead (such as basil, oregano, mint), limit heavy-greasy foods (like fried ones,ripe cheese and red meat) and have lots of fresh vegetables (e.g. zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, aubergines, peppers,…). Of course summer fruits are also very welcome being sweet (i.e. promoting generation of Liquids), acid (i.e. astringent, helping in keeping Liquids) and cool/cold in energy.

Cereals such as barley, corn and wheat are to be prefered for their refreshing action and among pulses don’t forget of chickpeas and azuki beans (particularly good for the Heart). Watch out with seafood, especially shrimps and prawns which can enhance Heat.

An extra tip against summer heat is to drink water (never too cold) with lemon juice and fresh mint leaves, much better and “cooler” than soft drinks.

Our wish for this season is your Heart to be happy and you too.

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