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When sun light gets golden, fall slowly arrives, carrying its sweet and yet brisk air around. You can feel that gentle cracking of leaves underneath your shoes while walking and you may suddenly find yourself going back to those first days of school when saying good-bye to summer was even harder than now. At the same time you feel this season is generous, rich of good intentions and you can barely hide the curiosity about those promising news that you foretell (and hope) are about to arrive, to those inventive projects that summer helped to blossom out.

According to TCM, this season is related to “the young Yin”, a moment of transition between the strong Yang energy of summer and the more introspective one of winter. That’s why it would be better (and it comes actually quite natural) to take time for all those relaxing and more Yin activities, such as sleeping, chilling-out, perhaps reading, cooking and enjoying the warmth and coziness of home. Up to the wu-xing theory, the organ related to this season is Lung (and Large Intestine), its flavor is hot/spicy, the emotion is Sadness or melancholy. This time of the year is usually characterized by Dryness that can be also a possible harmful factor due to the weather and its quick changes.

For their warming action, all spices are really welcome, in particular ginger, cardamom and mustard and among herbs thyme and anis are the ones to be preferred for their good action on Lung. Go also ahead with the vegetables typical of this season, e.g. carrots, mushrooms, potatoes, kale, pumpkin and radish, mild in energy and helpful to nourish Qi. Try to choose oat, kamut, spelt and millet among cereals and don’t forget pulses (especially lentils and white beans). For their softening properties, dairy products -such as milk and cheese- can now be a good remedy in case of dry cough especially if combined with a bit of honey or a good handful of almonds. The fruits of late summer can be also still around (grapes, figs in particular) while you wait for chestnuts and pomegranate to ripen.

If you can, try now also a couple of days of detox with fruit, vegetables and cereals, always a good re-start for body and soul during the changes of season. Collect your forces then and take a big breath, letting the energy circle again and enjoy this season, wondering why it is called Fall…and falling in love with it!

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