Mushaboom spelt gnocchi

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Do you feel reinvigorated by these winter holidays and feel like testing yourself with a more “physical” recipe? Roll up your sleeves then because you are going to use your own hands to prepare gnocchi!

Very few ingredients needed for the dough: spelt flour, water, a pinch of salt plus a good amount of strength to knead the dough and that’s it. You will discover how funny and liberating it is to create all these tiny gnocchi out of so simple stuff.

Choose the sauce you prefer or try the one we suggest here and use some fresh champignon mushrooms. Despite being a typical product of fall season, we find them around all year long, because they are widely cultivated. According to TCM, they are fresh/cold in energy and sweet in flavor (as most of mushrooms are), reinforce Spleen/ Stomach and moisten Lungs (i.e. very useful in case of dryness/ dry cough). Don’t forget to sprinkle some fresh parsley, that warms up the dish a bit, and adds a bit of color!

 Serves 6, about 1,5 kg of gnocchi –Medium– Prep time: 45 min

You will need:

-for the gnocchi:

  • 400 g spelt flour;
  • 400 g of water;
  • 150 g of white flour;
  • some extra white flour for kneading;
  • a pinch of salt.

-for the sauce:

  • 1 clove of garlic
  • ½ kg mushrooms (champignones)
  • 3 tsp extra virgin olive oil
  • a pinch of salt
  • parsley

How to-the gnocchi:

  1. place the spelt and white flour in a bowl or on wooden board, add a pinch of salt;
  2. add water little by little and start mixing with a fork;
  3. when the mix will have acquired a solid consistency put it on a work surface and knead to obtain a homogeneous, smooth and firm dough. The more you knead, the more you’ll develop gluten;
  4. spread on the table a little bit of flour and lay on top the dough;
  5. cut a small piece of dough and form a roll the size of a finger and cut the length of  1 cm (or 2 cm);
  6. cover the fresh made gnocchi with flour. The gnocchi are ready to be boiled, but if you want to give it a touch of perfection you can make the scratches on gnocchi using a fork or a grater;
  7. this will produce gnocchi with a rough surface and thus they can retain more sauce;
  8. Place the gnocchi on a tray and and cover them with a bit of  flour to prevent sticking;
  9. Bring to boil two liters of water,  add 2 tablespoons of cooking salt;
  10. Dive the gnocchi into the water. They will surface, and this generally indicates that they are ready and you can drain them, but for spelt-flour gnocchi we recommend cooking them for about 10 minutes.

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How to-the sauce:

  1. Place the olive oil in a frying pan with a clove of garlic;
  2. let the garlic panfry on a low fire for couple of minutes until golden brown;
  3. meanwhile clean the mushrooms;
  4. cut them in pieces and put them in the pan;
  5. let cook for about 10 minutes;
  6. to give a more creamy consistency to the sauce, use hand mixer to blend half of the sauce with a little bit of extra water. Mix back in the pan with the rest of the mushrooms;
  7. mix with the cooked gnocchi and sprinkle with a little fresh parsley, finely chopped.


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