Kuai Momos: Tapas with Chopsticks

Kuai Momos is a restaurant in a quite alley of Gracia (Barcelona), with the concept of a tapas-style meal with Asian food. Jordi Brau opened this place in his hometown after travelling for 7 years all around Asia working in restoration, and souvenirs from his trip decorate the interiors of the place. The result is just a delight. The atmosphere is cozy and pleasant, you’ll find a good selection of local wines of an affordable price-range, and the food is exquisite. The place will work if you are either vegetarian or a meat/fish lover. We came back several times, and it has been the perfect place for a quite dinner with friends, to bring family visiting town, our significant other s or for just the three of us together.

Keep in mind that Kuai Momos is not a place for “selfish” eaters: food here is meant to be shared, which is great as you’ll be able to taste more dishes from the rich and tasty selection. Don’t miss the dumplings (called Momos in the region of Nepal), which are definitely worth the 15’ waiting, as they are made fresh. The Tom-Yum soup makes you think you are dining in one of the finest restaurant in Thailand itself (the best we tried in Barcelona), and if you are lucky and in the off-the-card specials you are offered the fresh coconut shrimp risotto, please have it! Desserts are good too, most of them, again, convenient for sharing.

Price range is around 20-25 euros per person, inclusive of wine and water. Closed on Sundays.

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