Kale Chips

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Ready for one of the easiest recipes ever? Perhaps it will take you longer to read the post than to actually prepare these crispy chips! Moreover, you’ll be blown to know that they are also very good for your health.

How can a snack possibly be healthy? It seems like a contradiction in terms as we have been raised with the absolute certainty that snacks are meant to be greasy and “bad”. NO WAY! That is not true at all! (and we already proven it to you here)

Take a good handful of fresh kale (which is no doubt one of the stars among green leafy vegetables and the favourite of the juicing community), some good olive oil and a tiny pinch of salt: problem solved!

But before letting you go and test this super easy recipe, just a small piece of information for those that are not so familiar with kale. This vegetable belongs to the same family of broccoli, cauliflowers and brussels sprouts (genus Brassica) and it’s very popular in Northern countries, where usually cooked in soups. According to TCM it is very helpful to nourish Blood, to tonify QI and to solve stasis of energy of Liver. Its energy is warmer than the broccoli and so on, being therefore very good in winter (its natural season). Don’t forget the high amount of vitamin A and K. Now, go ahead!

Easy– Prep time: 20 minutes

kale chips (2 of 2) copy

You will need: 

  • Kale;
  • extra virgin olive oil;
  • salt.

kale chips (1 of 2) copyHow to:

  1. Wash the kale leaves;
  2. cut out the thick stem in the middle of the leaves;
  3. line a baking tray with a sheet of parchment paper;
  4. spread the kale on a single layer on the baking tray, drizzle with olive oil and salt;
  5. bake at 180 C  for 10-15′. Keep an eye on your chips to make sure they won’t burn!

kale chips (1 of 1) copy

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