Spring breaks: on mindfulness and being bikini-ready

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Let’s leave this gray winter behind us and get ready for springtime 

If the long winter made you a little bit heavier, don’t worry: spring is here to give you a little lightness and help you lose the extra kilos. This is indeed not only the Season of love  but also the ideal time to do some cleaning-not only in the wardrobes-and get the best out of a detox.

Read in our post on what does spring represents for Traditional Chinese Medicine, and what are the best foods for this season. You’ll have a hint of what’s behind the program we launch today and understand better how to make some changes in this period of revival of nature.

These first sunny warm days donate us strength and enthusiasm, and thus we decided to give you some practical advice and some culinary tricks to hit summer bikini-ready, in shape and most of all conscious and happy. We’ll adopt a gentle method, which suits us and our beliefs better, a long-term strategy that passes through a gradual change of small habits and aims to obtain physical and mental wellness.

“incuQIna springs” is a simple but effective program we created and that we’ll follow ourselves, sharing our experience with you.

Imagine yourself as a tree, growing from the Earth with strong foundations and with branches developing in different directions aiming for the Sky. This is how we want you to visualize the different phases of this experience, each one important and dependent from the others. What are the roots going to be?

We believe that first of all it is important to understand what we really want, to believe in ourselves and to be more present in our everyday choices and actions. Mindfulness is the root of this tree that will grow during this promising spring. Let’s start from here then: let your negative thoughts, any feelings of guilt and any hypercriticism, go away. Focus on the present moment, learn how to listen to your body, to all those signals it sends us and that we often ignore. Try to find in every day a moment of peace and tranquillity for yourself, better if outside in the blossoming nature.

Let’s make the best of the time we have, without losing energy doing ten things at the same time. Take your time while eating. Chew well, with calmness, enjoy your food: this is the first step to wellbeing. In this week we’ll find out together that what seems obvious and expected, is actually not.

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