Spring breaks: the first step

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And here we are with a small recap of our first two weeks of “spring breaks”.

Two weeks ago we presented you our spring detox program, starting from its roots:  the concept of mindfulness and the importance of being present and conscious in every moment of our lives.

How did it go? did you manage to make any change in your daily life?

We agree: two weeks are a quite short period of time, and what seems easy in theory is not in practice, when everyday routine and unexpected hitches get our time and energy. It’s anyways important to be at our best in every situation and to make an effort in looking at the silver lining and optimizing our own resources. 

Hoping that some small roots are now strongly bound to the soil, we want to share with you how it did go for the three of us, and hope to hear how this weeks went for you! 

Let’s start with our Anna in the north of Italy. She is the early bird of the incuQInas, and decided to take back the book of the “Five Tibetan Rites” from Peter Kelder. She took back the habit of doing every morning this series of energizing exercises. The passage from the mattress to the mat is not obivious nor easy, but the benefits are obvious already after day 1. Try it yourself! And for spending more time in the open air, this was quite easy for her to achieve. Our Anna lives in fact between the beautiful montains of Sudtirol: she can catch a good amount of fresh air just walking or cycling her way from home to work!

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Finding nature in a big city such as Rome is was a little more complicated, but our bold Camilla fears no asphalt jungle. She tried to avoid using the car, re-descovering the city on a slower pace moving around by bicycle or on foot as much as she could. Moreover, she made the effort of dragging her butt out for runs along the Tiber banks or in one of the green villas of the city. Saturdays were for grocery shopping at the market of “Campagna Amica”. This nice initiative brings every weekend fresh products from the surrounding countryside to the center of Rome (from vegetables to cheese, meat and fresh fish), and it is a nice way to get your shopping done in a seasonal, conscious and different way. It is situated in the old jewish market, below the Campidoglio and right next to the Circo Massimo. It has a backyard with some long wooden table and it is a nice place to stop for lunch and taste some traditional cooked dish, or a sandwich, prepared with fresh products.

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And what happens on the other side of the ocean? It seems like springtime is taking a long time to arrive in Boston. Our Francesca, armed of snow-proof boots and anti-freeze jacket, gets all her courage and ventures out during the warmer hours to walk to the open-air market on saturdays. For the weekdays, she opted for some indoor Yoga classes, in the comfort (and warmth!) of her home, guided by the Yoga Glo online classes.

So how did it go for you? Get ready: phase 2 is coming!    

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