Step 2: a simple detox guide

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Some days of detox will not damage you. Let’s get real and, as promised, see together how to take advantage of springtime to get back in shape and maybe lose some of those soft curves, kind present from winter and festivities.

We recommend you to take a couple of days for yourself, free from heavy work or social commitments. Plan this well, get a massage and take some invigorating walks. Be mindful and you’ll then get the best out of this mini-detox.

Obviously these tips are meant for adults in good general health, and are not in any way to be intended as substitute for medical advice. We invite pregnant women and people with diabetes to be especially careful.

Let’s be practical, and see what NOT TO DO:

  1. Eliminate the excess: don’t drink alcohol! (Wine included). We know that for lovers of good food and good company it is not going to be easy, but it is really important to give our liver some rest days from time to time.
  2. Limit all those foods that are heavy on digestion. To use a Chinese-medicine related term, let’s avoid foods that create Humidity. Humidity comes from all those substances that are not well processed, and thus tends to accumulate in the lower body and around the waist. Refined flours, dairy and confectionary products are among the most humidifying aliments.
  3. Watch out with all those food with hot thermic nature, such as red meat (especially veal) and spices. Humidity often goes together with Heat, generating a self-renewing mechanism, particularly strong in springtime
  4. Avoid any kind of industrial beverage (ice teas, sodas, smoothies…)
  5. Stop the coffee! If you are a regular user, bear in mind that you might suffer some kind of abstinence syndrome (headache/nausea/vomiting), so substitute it with a light green tea.

Let’s now see how to plan your day and meals:

  1. Keep yourself hydrated. Start 30 minutes before breakfast with a nice glass of water (better if lukewarm), that you can spike with the fresh juice of half lemon (a very good remedy in case of Fire of Liver). During the day drink some herbal teas (or 1-2 green teas) or try the energizing yogi tea. Remember to not drink only during meals and bring a bottle of natural water around. 
  2. Have breakfast with some fresh seasonal fruit and some almonds or walnuts. Alternatively, you can make one of these smoothies. 
  3. Start your lunch with a nice fresh salad  (like this one) and then complement it with this simple recipe of rice and mung beans (if you don’t have mung beans, use another kind of pulse of your choice).
  4. If you are hungry during the afternoon, nibble on some fresh fruit or have 1-2 bites of these bars
  5. Try to stay as light as you can for dinner. Go for a simple vegetables soup with a little rice. If you feel brave, follow the recipe below (very chinese) which uses Job’s tears (Coix lacryma-jobi). Alternatively, a light fish can also work, accompanied by some steamed vegetables (like this one)
  6. Finally, go to sleep early! According to TCM, the liver rigenerates and recharges during the first hours of the night, so hit the bed before 11pm. 

Believe us, a couple of days like this and you’ll feel lighter!

 Vegetable soup with Job’s tears 

Serves 4 –Easy- Prep time: 1 h and 15′

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You will need:

  • 700 gr mixed seasonal vegetables;
  • 200 gr Job’s tears (Coix lacryma-jobi);
  • soya sauce or a pinch of salt;
  • extra virgin olive oil.

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How to:

  1. Wash well the Job’s tears, checking for small stones and other impurities;
  2. put them to cook in plenty of cold water;
  3. bring to a boil and then after about 40 minutes drain them;
  4. wash and cook the vegetables (starting also in cold water) for about 30 minutes;
  5. add the cooked Job’s tears to the vegetables;
  6. let cook for another 15 minutes;
  7. serve with a drizzle of olive oil and a tablespoon of soy sauce (or a pinch of salt).

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  1. Natasha Saturday December 8th, 2018

    Buongiorno dottoressa. Grazie per i preziosi consigli! Mi sa indicare dove è possibile acquistare le lacrime di giobbe, vorrei provare questa ricetta. online sarebbe l’ideale. Grazie in anticipo.

    • incuqina Wednesday December 19th, 2018

      Buonasera Natasha, grazie mille a Lei per il commento e ci scusi per l’attesa 🙂 Siamo felici che voglia provare questa ricetta e Le possiamo dire che di certo le lacrime di Giobbe si trovano nei negozi di prodotti alimentari cinesi (di solito sono venduti in confezioni da 200-300 g). Purtroppo non è facile reperirli on-line qui in Europa.


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