Fave e pecorino

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What are you up to on the 1st of may? We will be celebrating worker’s day having a picnic with a bunch of friends, and as a Roman tradition has it we’ll start it off with Fave and Pecorino!

This is really not much of a fuzz to put together: in this season it will be easy to find fresh broad beans in many well-provided greengrocers, and for the cheese head to your local cheese shop and buy some Pecorino DOP (be careful about the quality and origin of it). You are good to go! Lie your blanket on the grass, open a bottle of red wine and start eating the beans directly from the pod while nibbling on some pieces of cheese.

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And guess what? As it often happens with many traditional dishes, this combination is very well-balanced on the energetic profile. Pecorino, being a ripped sheep cheese, is warm in energy and heats up digestive organs, nourishing Blood and Yin very well. The alliance with beans reduces its natural tendency to increase Dampness: broad beans in fact, as all pulses, have a mild diuretic function. They act on Spleen and Stomach thanks to their sweet flavour and neutral energy, by helping digestive functions.

Remember that the pods are also edible, and they can be used and cooked! So don’t throw them away and we’ll soon show you how to prepare them!

As easy as can be, as good as it sounds: try it and enjoy the taste of simple things!

fave e pecorino (3 of 3)

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