Spring detox: done!

2014-07-06 16.57.15

You thought the detox put us K.O. but NO! We are still alive, dear friends, and stronger than before! 🙂 Today we’ll do a little recap and share the aftermath of our experience with you.

We admit that the first few days haven’t been easy, but we made our best to get some cleaning done and eliminate the surplus form our dining tables. With surplus we mean all those excess that have easily become habits and don’t do anything but make us more tired and heavy. In return, we have rediscovered the pleasure of enriching our daily dishes with many seasonal vegetables: we splurged on green herbs and artichokes, spring products with a deep purifying action. We did not forget to add a little flavor to our sober dishes with some spices, and we had been particularly generous with turmeric, a natural anti-inflammatory very helpful to liver (remember to always add a pinch of pepper to activate its properties). Fruit was the main star of our breakfasts, and we never forgot to bring some nuts and other dried fruits to munch on during the day, to not indulge in some other sin of gluttony. Now let’s see what have been the most critical moments.


A nice fruit breakfast

Giving up coffee was for Anna the most complicated thing to do. For her is not just a simple drink but a pleasant ritual that marks the time of her days, making them more beautiful. Replacing coffee with green tea helped preventing symptoms from caffeine abstinence, but let’s face it: it is not quite the same as a cup of espresso!


Asian-style vegetable soup for a light dinner

For Camilla a similar problem arisen to say no to beer, companion of many social moments in Brussels, her temporary home. But she finally managed to keep on meeting people and instead of ordering one of the many delicious beers, prime products of Belgium, she opted for scented infusions and fruits and vegetables juices, which gave her energy for walking marathons around the city to discover its hidden corners.

2015-05-04 17.50.38

Having a ginger-apple juice instead of a Brussel Beer…

Our Francesca din’t join our adventure this time, since spring has not yet hit Boston and when it is still cold is not advisable to undergo this type of dietary changes. However, she already tested herself with Ayurvedic detox and fasting practices last autumn, but now that it is facing the challenges of the New Continent needs of strength and of our full support, ergo absent justified.

And how are you? Did you take some days off to put some order in your food habits? Ready to see what’s the next stage of the program?

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