Laura’s frittelle


Pst, do you wanna know a secret? 

The one and only ingredient that can never miss in the kitchen is curiosity.

Remember  a few weeks ago in our “focus on food” post we talked about buckwheat? Today we are announcing the winning recipe that featuring this pseudo-cereal triangular in shape and unusual in taste.

The winner is a delicious appetizer that our friend Laura prepared for us during a nice Sunday lunch. We were immediately captured by her enthusiasm and by her sweet ways of approaching the cooking process and how she was justifying herself while taking out the ingredients from the bag: “this is the first time that I prepare them!” she went, smiling as usual. We thank Laura because she reminded us about how cooking is something as visceral as eating, an instinctive process that comes from a need but it’s expressed at its best when approached with curiosity.

We bet that now you are also curious to try these frittelle.

Grab then some buckwheat flour, mix it with water and dry yeast.
Let rest for 30 minutes then add some chopped chives and a pinch of salt.
Heat the oil and then start frying small balls of dough (help yourself with two spoons!) rolled around a heart of cheese. Pecorino is perfect thanks to its pungent taste that balances the bitter notes of buckwheat, and doesn’t melt too much.
Serve hot and do not be afraid to look at the expression of the people who eat them for the first time: cooking implies always a certain amount of unpredictability.

Let’s take the risk!


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