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Posted every week: a snapshot, a story, an impression from every day of Cami’s travel to California

Wednesday, 24th of June

2015_06_24Welcome to ‘MMMerica

Thursday, 25th of June 

2015_06_25A run in the park to get over the jet-lag

Friday, 26th of June 

2015_06_26_1Waiting for the fog to arrive

Saturday, 27th of June


Sunday, 28th of June2015-06-28 12.36.14-1Pride!

Monday, 29th of June 2015_06_29Who said that camping food isn’t good? Today’s menu: our signature Guacamole+small potatoes and scrambled eggs

Tuesday, 30th of June

2015_06_30After a hike, skinny-deep in stunning Lower Twin Lake, in Lassen Volcanic National Park

Wednesday, 1st of July2015_07_01Pretty, but I am not going for a swim here.

Thursday, 2nd of July2015_07_02Green lunch with Friends at La Boulange, in 24th street.

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