California Snapshots-3

Friday, 10th of July

20150711-2015-07-11 01.36.08Goodnight

Saturday, 11th of July

2015-07-11 14.12.06Like a boss

Sunday, 12th od July

20150712-2015-07-12 14.55.03-1 Street food

Monday, 13th of July

20150713-2015-07-13 16.42.51 Views from Bernal Heights

Tuesday, 14th of July20150714-2015-07-14 18.32.48Views from Dolores Park

Wednesday, 15th of July20150715-2015-07-15 14.34.11 Big sur

Thursday, 16th of July 20150716-IMG_0470 Big Sur, and clouds

Friday, 17th of July20150717-2015-07-17 19.02.58Street party at Pier 70!

Saturday, 18th of July20150718-2015-07-18 15.50.49 Dry Creek vineyards! 

Sunday, 19th of July20150719-2015-07-19 17.41.02To the Golden Gate park, through the wiggle 

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