Springtime Morning Rituals. Let’s start with Water and Lemon


And here it is, spring has finally arrived! After this, grey long winter, with foggy or cold and dark days, please welcome its majesty, the season of love.

Last year we welcome spring following a wonderful detox program, perfect to purify the body and to reinforce the spirit. This year we want to celebrate it sharing with you our series of ultra-tested morning rituals that will make your mornings shine and your days bright.

As we know, despite the better weather and the mildest temperatures, in these days we can often feel a little bit more tired, especially early in the morning, and sometimes in a inexplicable bad mood. We are going to show you how to face this seasonal change in a very easy way, as easy as a one, two three! Because three are the simple morning steps that will make you wave good-bye to those signs of fatigue and get the best out of what spring has to offer.

And most of all, we wish this season will be generous with all of you!

Ritual #1: Lemon water

The first step is as easy as drinking a glass of water…with lemon!

It might seem trivial, and probably you have heard a thousand times about the importance of drinking a glass of lemon water as soon as you wake up. Today we find out why this old remedy coming from Ayurveda (one of the world’s most ancient medicines) is really so efficient.

  1. After the long night hours of fasting, our body needs to be hydrated again. More than half of our body mass is made out of water, and we often don’t drink enough of it. Many of the issues we have in springtime arise from this deficiency. We are specially sensitive to it now because of the slight increase of temperature. Also, in the morning we often misunderstand thirst for hunger. Drinking couple of glasses of water as soon as we wake up is a good way of listening and properly interpreting the signals that our body sends us.
  2. Adding the juice of half a lemon has a slight alkaline effect on our tissues, even though it has a acidic taste. In the morning it is recommendable to eat preferably food with a negative PRAL (Potential Renal Acid Load), such as fruits. This helps preventing metabolic acidity and to avoid lean mass loss.
  3. The temperature of water is a very important factor: we strongly advice you to never drink it cold as our stomach is particularly sensitive in these morning hours. Also, if you warm it up a little, it will have some effect on the occasional lazy intestines.
  4. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, lemon juice purifies heat and helps Liver
  5. Adding some mint leaves reinforces the action of purification on Liver. Moreover, it helps eventual eye and throat irritations, very common in this period of blooming and allergies.

No more talk now and let’s move from theory to practice. Get yourself a good supply of lemons (preferably BIO/organic) and try the powerful benefits of this first morning ritual. We bet that once you start it, it will become an habit! Bon jour!

You will need:

  • 1 glass of lukewarm water
  • juice of half lemon
  • some mint leaf (if you want to)


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