Morning ritual #3: let’s have breakfast!


With this third (and last) ritual we bring some color and vitality to our mornings, because there is no better way to start your day than with a good breakfastAfter a good hydration and some movement, we can now relax a bit and enjoy what should be the most important meal of our day, which too often we forget or skip with important consequences on our mood and our body.

Fueling up with sugar and complex carbohydrates in the morning is a smart way to lift the levels of insulin and promote the circadian rhythm of cortisol, a hormone produced by the surrenal glands that has a natural peak around 8-9 am. In periods in which we are particularly stressed, have a messy routine and skip breakfast, this cycle is lost as stress increases the activity of our surrenal glands. These will start to produce cortisol continuously with consequences on the regulation of all hormones and that, in the long term, will lead to increase of body fat.


This is why today we want to share you some tips for a very easy, basic but effective breakfast, perfect for the more lazy and less used to have it. A simple salad with your favorite fruits (we choose kiwi, bananas and berries) will provide you with simple sugars, vitamins, fibers and a good dose of water. Add some crunchy almonds that will make you chew a little longer and balance out the sugars with some proteins and fats. Flax seeds are a precious source of omega 3, with a strong anti-inflammatory effect; remember to soak them in water from the night before otherwise they might irritate the intestines. Pair your fruit salad with a nice cup of green tea for anti-oxidants and to get that extra kick from caffeine (even though this kind of tea has very low amount).

We are now ready to get dressed for another day, and going out let’s not forget the best of our smiles: a wonderful passepartout!


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