High five, buckwheat!

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We all know the importance of a complete and healthy diet to be fit and feel well and healthy. So how can we find out if the dish we are cooking is well balanced?

Besides mixing together ingredients with different colours, another way to verify if we are doing well is to make sure that none of the main flavours is missing. According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, each of the five main flavours (i.e. sweet, hot (spicy), salty, sour and bitter) has an action on specific organs (respectively Spleen, Lung, Kidney, Liver and Heart) and must then be present in each dish in different proportions according to the effect we want to achieve. In other words, a moderate flavour reinforces the organ to which it is directed, while an excessive/ unbalanced flavour can damage it (e.g. a bowl of rice, of sweet flavour, reinforces Spleen; a chocolate croissant, too sweet, damages it).

Anyways no panic: you do not have to necessarily be a TCM freak to apply this theory, and Camilla is just proving it by spontaneously creating this wonderful dish, simply driven by her culinary instinct and following the produce of the season.

She started from a cereal, here buckwheat that like all cereals has a sweet taste and reinforces the core of the body (i.e. Spleen and Stomach); then she got some fresh seasonal vegetables, asparagus (slightly bitter) and spring onions (a little bit hot and pungent); dressed everything with olive oil, turmeric and pepper (spicy) and added some feta bites (salty). Perhaps we could also add an extra tiny bit of lemon drops or some balsamic vinegar not to forget sour and we are good to go.

Try it and you’ll notice how you’ll feel perfectly satisfied, you won’t need to have an extra bite as  you got all the flavours stimulated. No need for dessert nor chocolate then, and you’ll have a big smile on your face and…on your belly!

Serves 2 –Easy- Prep time: 40′

You will need:

  • a bunch of asparagus
  • some spring onions
  • 100 gr of Feta
  • 1/2 cup of buckwheat
  • olive oil
  • 1/2 tsp turmeric in powder
  • salt, black pepper

How to:

  1. Wash the asparagus and cut out the woody part (keep as much as possible!). Trim the tips leaving them whole, cut the rest lengthwise;
  2. put them to cook with one cup of water. After the water starts to boil, count 5’ then scoop the asparagus out;
  3. rinse half a cup of buckwheat, then put it to boil in the same water you used for the asparagus, and let simmer for 15’, adding a bit of water if needed;
  4. cut the spring onions and put them to cook in a pan with couple of tablespoons of olive oil, on a low fire;
  5. after couple of minutes add the asparagus and leave to cook all together for about 5 minutes with half a teaspoon of turmeric and a pinch of salt and pepper; add a little water if they become too dry;
  6. Cut the feta in cubes, add it to the pan with the vegetables continuing to cook for about one minute;
  7. when the buckwheat is ready, add it to the pan with the rest of the ingredient and put the fire on again. Add some freshly grounded black pepper, mix well and leave on a medium fire for couple of minutes; you can eat it immediately but it will stay well also in the fridge and it’s perfect to travel to your office for your lunch!

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