The berry best dessert


We love finishing off dinners with friends with the sweet touch of a nice dessert. This is how, even if the recipe might sound trivial, we can’t help sharing with you one of the easiest and yummiest desserts ever, a perfect combination of sweet  and sour.

You’d better hurry up until you are still on time to find fresh berries at the greengrocer’s. Now that you are there, get also a nice bunch of fresh mint  or better a small plant, always useful in case of a Mojito emergency. On your way back home, don’t forget to buy some fresh double cream that you can quickly whip yourself (we said easy-not fake dessert! avoid the spray whipped cream, please!).

Prepare the fruit in advance so that all the nice juices will be released and will tightly bind to the aromatic flavour of the mint leaves (which, btw, are aphrodisiac).

Serve with some whipped cream on top or at the bottom of a cup and enjoy.

No need to add any further nutritional information about this dish: enoy it and have a wonderful summer, as sweet as you wish!

You will need: 

  • as many berries as you wish (here blueberries, strawberries, raspberries)
  • a bit of lemon juice;
  • a pinch of brown sugar;
  • some fresh mint leaves;
  • home-made whipped cream.

Rinse the berries, cut the strawberries in smaller pieces if they are too big. Mix all with a bit of brown sugar, some mint leaves and the juice of a lemon or, if you prefer, a lime. Leave in the fridge for some hours. Whip the double cream, without sugar. Serve the berries on a layer of whipped cream. Enjoy!


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