Back from Rome


There is no doubt, we feel 2018 has started under a lucky star. We feel like we can promise you this, and actually demonstrate it because-after a long and justified absence incuQIna is back! There are many news, dear friends, and life is as always beautifully unpredictable.

We take the chance to share with you some of the pictures from our Roman Holidays from the beginning of January. For the first time after over a year the three of us were all together again…well to be precise three plus one! In fact our incuQIna tribe welcomed Tommi D, the new baby of  Camilla!

We got ready to this come back to the blog soaking in the vibes and the lights from the eternal city, its culinary traditions and its light. We couldn’t miss having filling meals of cacio e pepe, many coffees in our favourite coffee place, constantly kissed by the sunlight, and then more generous aperitifs, wanderings inside and outside the MAXXI and the GNAM, panoramic walks at the sunset from the Pincio and the “Fontanone”, and yet more filling dinners. We even manage to enjoy a yoga session on an old family carpet with our friend Alessa (Zuluna Yoga)…well, you see, we feel energised and ready to share many new recipes and more!

So, with a little bit of delay, happy happy 2018!

We are listening to: Belle and Sebastian, under the same star 


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