A postcard from London

Last weekend I flew to London to see Camilla, anticipating of a few day  her birthday celebrations. This mini reunion of the european side of incuQIna has been a fantastic occasion to update each other on life development, have some fun and enjoy delicious food around London, and cuddle a bit the little Tommi D, smiley little lion who proudly sits up by himself with a rascal grim.

I want to share with you a small summary of our weekend adventures, with many details on our gastronomical wanderings.

DAY 1: Fresh off the plane, my partner in crime welcomed me with a strong hug and a warm pasta, improvising a sauce with kale, almond flakes and parmigiano. With a full tummy and a well fit beanie, we ventured in the rain for a nice walk around Stoke Newington. After a nice tour in the local park (Clissold) and some window shopping of local independent stores, we sheltered in a nice cafe for a very hipster almond-chai-latte and an apple cake.

The evening focused around the concert of the legendary and slightly oxidized Morrissey at the historic Alexandra Palace. The expert rock star concluded the concert throwing his shirt over the crowd, while we ended our evening in the local after-party pub for another couple of beers along a generous group of (quite tipsy) locals.

DAY 2: Saturday morning started with a big breakfast of pancakes (you find here few of our favourite recipes) and we went straight to Covent Garden for a tour in the center and some shopping. We had lunch in a historic fish and chips place: Rock&Sole Plaice. After few glasses of white wine, we almost felt we were back in the Barceloneta: only a tiny bit more of sun was missing, but the happiness was the same.

DAY 3: Sunday arrived so fast, and we decided to spend it wandering around the Columbia Road Flower Market, as always frame for exhibitions of talented local artists. After meeting up some more friends, we slowly walked toward Brodway Market, where we couldn’t resist to be a bit decadent and get a freshly cracked oyster as an aperitif. We finished for a lunch at the Dove, local pub that serves delicious “tapas” and an impressive selection of Belgian beers on tap. After an afternoon walk and a good long video chat with our Francesca, we had dinner with our friend Cristina in the best of italian tradition: a nice pizza! Delicious the one from Radio Alice in Hoxton Square.

DAY 4: time to go back home. After a last flat white and a last slice of cake to share, it’s again strong hugs and big smiles, because friendship resists to distance and makes you feel home, wherever you are!

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